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7 Day Moose Hunts
Our goal at Mountain Man Adventures is to make every big moose kill, a bull over 50 inches or a score of 180 inches or better in the Boone and Crockett system. We have a good supply of huge moose over 60 inches running around, but of course those are a little harder to find. We believe any trophy Bull Moose over 50 inches should not be passed up unless the Moose has small paddles or some sort of disfigurement, but the Trophy Bull Moose in our area tend to have big paddles with great fronts and score very well. This area of Northern Alberta is known for its huge Trophy Bull Mooose.
Prices include your license tags and fees.
Archery Moose- $6,250 - 4 tags left

Rifle Moose- $7,500 - 2 tags left